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Adaptive Image-Space Sampling for Gaze-Contingent Real-time Rendering

Adaptive Image-Space Sampling for Gaze-Contingent Real-time Rendering

With ever-increasing display resolution for wide field-of-view displays - such as head-mounted displays or 8k projectors - shading has become the major computational cost in rasterization. To reduce computational effort, we propose an algorithm that only shades visible features of the image while cost-effectively interpolating the remaining features without affecting perceived quality. In contrast to previous approaches we do not only simulate acuity falloff but also introduce a sampling scheme that incorporates multiple aspects of the human visual system: acuity, eye motion, contrast (stemming from geometry, material or lighting properties), and brightness adaptation. Our sampling scheme is incorporated into a deferred shading pipeline to shade the image’s perceptually relevant fragments while a pull-push algorithm interpolates the radiance for the rest of the image. Our approach does not impose any restrictions on the performed shading. We conduct a number of psycho-visual experiments to validate scene- and task-independence of our approach. The number of fragments that need to be shaded is reduced by 50 % to 80 %. Our algorithm scales favorably with increasing resolution and field-of-view, rendering it well-suited for head-mounted displays and wide-field-of-view projection.

Author(s):Michael Stengel, Steve Grogorick, Martin Eisemann, Marcus Magnor
Published:July 2016
Journal:Computer Graphics Forum (Proc. of Eurographics Symposium on Rendering EGSR) Vol. 35
Presented at:Eurographics Conference on Rendering Techniques (EGSR) 2020
Note:EGSR'16 Best Paper Award
Project(s): Reality CG  Eye-tracking Head-mounted Display  ICG Dome  Immersive Digital Reality 

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