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Garment Replacement in Monocular Video Sequences

Garment Replacement in Monocular Video Sequences

We present a semi-automatic approach to exchange the clothes of an actor for arbitrary virtual garments in conventional monocular video footage. We reconstruct the actor's body shape and motion from the input video using a parameterized body model. The reconstructed dynamic 3D geometry of the actor serves as an animated mannequin for simulating the virtual garment. It also aids in scene illumination estimation, necessary to realistically light the virtual garment. An image-based warping technique ensures realistic compositing of the rendered virtual garment and the original video. We present results for eight real-world video sequences featuring complex test cases to evaluate performance for different types of motion, camera settings, and illumination conditions.

Author(s):Lorenz Rogge, Felix Klose, Michael Stengel, Martin Eisemann, Marcus Magnor
Published:November 2014
Journal:ACM Transactions on Graphics Vol. 34
Project(s): Monocular Video Augmentation  Reality CG 

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