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Gaze Visualization for Immersive Video

Gaze Visualization for Immersive Video

In contrast to traditional video, immersive video allows viewers to interactively control their field of view in a 360° panoramic scene. However, established methods for the comparative evaluation of gaze data for video require that all participants observe the same viewing area. We therefore propose new specialized visualizations and a novel visual analytics framework for the combined analysis of head movement and gaze data. A novel View Similarity visualization highlights viewing areas branching and joining over time, while three additional visualizations provide global and spatial context. These new visualizations, along with established gaze evaluation techniques, allow analysts to investigate the storytelling of immersive videos. We demonstrate the usefulness of our approach using head movement and gaze data recorded for both amateur panoramic videos, as well as professionally composited immersive videos.

Author(s):Thomas Löwe, Michael Stengel, Emmy-Charlotte Förster, Steve Grogorick, Marcus Magnor
Published:March 2017
Type:Book chapter
Book:Eye Tracking and Visualization (Springer)
Project(s): Visual Fidelity Optimization of Displays  Eye-tracking Head-mounted Display  Video Quality Assessment  Scalable Visual Analytics  ICG Dome  Immersive Digital Reality 

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