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Space-Time Visual Effects as a Post-Production Process

Space-Time Visual Effects as a Post-Production Process

Space-time visual effects play an increasingly prominent role in recent motion picture productions as well as TV commercials. Currently, these effects must be meticulously planned before extensive, specialized camera equipment can be precisely positioned and aligned at the set; once recorded, the effect cannot be altered or edited anymore. In this paper, we present an alternative approach to space-time visual effects creation that allows flexible generation and interactive editing of a multitude of different effects during the post-production stage. The approach requires neither expensive, special recording equipment nor elaborate on-set alignment or calibration procedures. Rather, a handful of off-the-shelf camcorders, positioned around a real-world scene, suffice to record the input data. We synthesize various space-time visual effects from unsynchronized, sparse multi-view video footage by making use of recent advances in image interpolation. Based on a representation in a distinct navigation space, our space-time visual effects (STF/X) editor allows us to interactively create and edit on-the-fly various effects such as slow motion, stop motion, freeze-rotate, motion blur, multi-exposure, flash trail, and motion distortion. As the input to our approach consists solely of video frames, various image-based artistic stylizations, such as speed lines and particle effects are also integrated into the editor. Finally, different effects can be combined, enabling the creation of new visual effects that are impossible to record with the conventional on-set approach.

Author(s):Christian Linz, Christian Lipski, Lorenz Rogge, Christian Theobalt, Marcus Magnor
Published:October 2010
Type:Article in conference proceedings
Book:ACM Multimedia 2010 Workshop - 1st International Workshop on 3D Video Processing (3DVP)
Presented at:ACM Multimedia Workshop on 3D Video Processing (3DVP)
Project(s): Image-space Editing of 3D Content  Virtual Video Camera 

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