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Visualisierung und Analyse multidimensionaler Datensätze

Visualisierung und Analyse multidimensionaler Datensätze

Concerning multi-dimensional data sets there exist a lot of visual-based as well as automatical techniques to detect inherent relations and characteristics. Due to the (increasing) size and complexity of such data, it is necessary to combine both approaches. In this article, we therefore present established visual-based and automatical data analysis approaches and we reveal modern methods to combine these approaches, with the goal to enhance the data analysis process. All explanations are supported by examples to ease the reader's understanding.

Author(s):Dirk. J. Lehmann, Georgia Albuquerque, Martin Eisemann, Andrada Tatu, Heidrun Schumann, Marcus Magnor, Holger Theisel
Published:September 2010
Journal:Informatik-Spektrum Vol. 33
Project(s): Scalable Visual Analytics 

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