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Gaze Guidance in Immersive Environments

Gaze Guidance in Immersive Environments

We investigate the efficiency of five different gaze guidance techniques for immersive environments, probing our peripheral vision’s sensitivity to different stimuli embedded in complex, real-world panorama still images. We conducted extensive user studies for a commercially available headset as well as in a custom-built dome projection environment. The dome enables us to create true 360° visual immersion at high-resolution, akin to what may be expected of future-generation VR headsets. Evaluation with high-quality eye tracking shows that local luminance modulation as proposed by Bailey et al. is the most effective technique, eliciting saccades to the target region with up to 40% success rate within the first second.

Author(s):Steve Grogorick, Georgia Albuquerque, Marcus Magnor
Published:March 2018
Howpublished:Poster @ IEEE Virtual Reality 2018
Presented at:IEEE Virtual Reality (VR) 2018
Project(s): ICG Dome  Immersive Attention Guidance  Immersive Digital Reality 

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