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Layered Weighted Blended Order-Independent Transparency

Layered Weighted Blended Order-Independent Transparency

Our approach improves the accuracy of weighted blended order-independent transparency, while remaining efficient and easy to implement. We extend the original algorithm to a layer-based approach, where the content of each layer is blended independently before compositing them globally. Hereby, we achieve a partial ordering but avoid explicit sorting of all elements. To ensure smooth transitions across layers, we introduce a new weighting function. Additionally, we propose several optimizations and demonstrate the method’s effectiveness on various challenging scenes in terms of geometric- and depth complexity. We achieve an error reduction more than an order of magnitude on average compared to weighted blended order-independent transparency for our test scenes.

Author(s):Fabian Friederichs, Elmar Eisemann, Martin Eisemann
Published:May 2021
Type:Article in conference proceedings
Book:Proc. Graphics Interface (GI)
Presented at:Graphics Interface 2021

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