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Error-concealed Image-based Rendering

Error-concealed Image-based Rendering

Creating photo-realistic images has been one of the major goals in computer graphics since its early days. Instead of modeling the complexity of nature with standard modeling tools, image-based approaches aim at exploiting real-world footage directly, as they are photo-realistic by definition. A drawback of these approaches has always been that the composition or combination of different sources is a non-trivial task, often resulting in annoying visible artifacts. In this thesis we focus on different techniques to diminish visible artifacts when combining multiple images in a common image domain. The results are either novel images, when dealing with the composition task of multiple images, or novel video sequences rendered in real-time, when dealing with video footage from multiple cameras.

Author(s):Martin Eisemann
Published:September 2011
Type:PhD Thesis
School:TU Braunschweig
Project(s): Floating Textures  Reality CG 

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