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Floating Textures

Floating Textures

We present a novel multi-view, projective texture mapping technique. While previous multi-view texturing approaches lead to blurring and ghosting artefacts if 3D geometry and/or camera calibration are imprecise, we propose a texturing algorithm that warps (“floats”) projected textures during run-time to preserve crisp, detailed texture appearance. Our GPU implementation achieves interactive to real-time frame rates. The method is very generally applicable and can be used in combination with many image-based rendering methods or projective texturing applications. By using Floating Textures in conjunction with, e.g., visual hull rendering, light field rendering, or free-viewpoint video, improved rendering results are obtained from fewer input images, less accurately calibrated cameras, and coarser 3D geometry proxies.

Author(s):Martin Eisemann, Bert De Decker, Marcus Magnor, Philippe Bekaert, Edilson de Aguiar, Naveed Ahmed, Christian Theobalt, Anita Sellent
Published:April 2008
Journal:Computer Graphics Forum (Proc. of Eurographics EG) Vol. 27
Note:Received the Best Student Paper Award at Eurographics 2008
Project(s): Floating Textures 

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