Computer Graphics
TU Braunschweig

Matthias Überheide
Fmr. Researcher

Publications BibTex

Tilak Varisetty, Markus Fidler, Matthias Überheide, Marcus Magnor:
On the Delay Performance of Browser-based Interactive TCP Free-viewpoint Streaming
in Proc. IFIP Networking 2018 Conference (NETWORKING 2018), IEEE, pp. 1-9, July 2018.

Moritz Mühlhausen, Matthias Überheide, Leslie Wöhler, Marc Kassubeck, Marcus Magnor:
Automatic Upright Alignment of Multi-View Spherical Panoramas
Poster @ European Conference on Visual Media Production 2017, December 2017.
Best Student Poster Award

Matthias Überheide, Felix Klose, Tilak Varisetty, Markus Fidler, Marcus Magnor:
Web-based Interactive Free-Viewpoint Streaming
in Proc. ACM Multimedia, pp. 1031-1034, October 2015.
Poster Presentation